These tutorials were created for Facebook's in-house Creative Shop studio, "Photoshop IRL." Learn how to set up three-point lighting, organize your files, shoot with a DSLR camera, and capture audio with an external mixer.
How to Set Up Three-Point Lighting:
How to Name and Organize Your Media:
How to Use a DSLR Camera:
How to Capture Audio with a MixPre-3:
XFN Endorsements
“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Dana on the Photoshop IRL series – extending the pilot into a series of 4 unified tutorials. Dana has been an incredible partner, art director and strategic thinker throughout the process. She developed and led the partnership with the XFN crew, providing direction and feedback as well as creating an overall graphics package. Dana also served as the POC for the Learning & Development team, fostering another important partnership.
Throughout the process, Dana’s attention to detail and overall vision elevated the series to feel cohesive and thought-provoking. With Dana’s leadership, the Photoshop IRL tutorials will scale and serve global regions with similar production needs. Dana’s ability to synthesize and visualize complex information has been beneficial throughout the planning, shooting and post phases. Her approach to her work is refreshing and I always appreciate Dana’s positive and supportive attitude on every collaboration.
In addition to her design thinking, Dana is a great leader. She was diligent about setting milestones and making others accountable for their deliverables. As a producer, I really appreciated Dana’s ability to project manage and set expectations with our partners."

– LaurieAnn Barden, Creative Production Lead - Facebook
Client: Facebook
Role: Art + Motion Direction, Concepting, Editing, Scriptwriting 
Team: LaurieAnn Barden, Alon Gelnik, Ash Louis, Amanda Pacitti, Mark Rossi, Don Whitmore
Actors: Jean Feroldi, Deejay Forte, Laura Lopez, Lorena Ospina, Mark Rossi, Nicole Vendetti
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