Adobe Photoshop software is the industry standard in digital imaging and is used worldwide for design, photography, video editing and more. Generative Fill and Generative Expand were the first Generative AI features to launch within Photoshop, unlocking a new era for Creative Cloud and resulting in an unprecedented community response: users have already generated over 7 billion images with Firefly in just a year, and have adopted Generative Fill at 10x the rate of other popular Photoshop features. 
I lead design initiatives for Photoshop from start to finish, shaping the future of AI-first experiences and empowering users to create in previously unimagined ways. I played a key role in launching Ps’ first generative AI features (leading UX design for Generative Expand and Reference Image), earning a spot on TIME Magazine's "The 200 Best Inventions of 2023" along with several pending patents – and am actively developing the next generation of Ps' AI and machine learning tools
Collaborating closely with product, engineering, prototyping, legal, content strategy, and research teams, I gain deep insights into users’ creative needs, iterate on ideas, and make data-driven design decisions. I also influence Photoshop’s market strategy by engaging in AI vision sprints, continuously evolving and executing on the product vision. My work has been showcased during MAX keynote sessions and investor meetings to demonstrate new technology.
The videos below show some highlights and demos of Photoshop's Generative AI features that my team and I have worked on from inception to completion. Learn more about our commitment to responsible and ethical innovation here.
In this broadcast spot, watch Caroline create her magical birthday invite using Generative AI in Photoshop. I worked closely with the creatives at Buck to ensure the workflows and results shown were true to Adobe's capabilities.
I led the UX design for Generative Expand: sometimes the canvas you’re working with just isn’t the right size — you need space to add text or want to transform a landscape into a portrait. With the Crop tool and Generative Expand, powered by Adobe Firefly, you can seamlessly resize your image to fit any need. Just click and drag beyond the borders of an image with the Crop tool, and then fill the extended canvas with new high-quality content that naturally blends with the existing image. 
Learn more about Generative Expand from and the Adobe Blog.
I led the UX design for Reference Image: with the improved Generative Fill feature, you gain more control to guide and refine results with the addition of Reference Image. This feature enables you to use visual inspiration to help inform the content of variations. This enriches your process and produces more relevant and customized results without depending solely on text prompts, which is especially helpful when specific details are hard to describe. Reference Image provides more control and confidence, helps reduce randomness, and relieves the pressure of writing prompts that accurately translate your imagination.
Learn more about Reference Image from and the Adobe Blog.
In the video above, you can see how adding simple text prompts can create incredible images with Generative Fill and help you go from imagination to creation in seconds.
Watch a short clip of David Wadhwani, President of Adobe's Digital Media Business, introduce Photoshop's first Generative AI features during the Adobe MAX keynote. (Timecode: 19:44 – 22:00)
After bringing Generative Fill into Photoshop, I translated the feature's UX design to seamlessly launch with Adobe Firefly.
Building on the success of the first Generative AI feature release, my team is continually evolving and developing the next generation of Photoshop's AI and machine learning tools. Watch the short video above to see the latest features meant to elevate your creativity and accelerate your workflows, using the most advanced technology yet. 
Learn more about the latest features from Adobe News.
Client: Adobe

Role: Design Lead - UX/UI Design, Concepting, Storyboarding, Motion Direction, Ps Product Vision

Design: Davis Brown, Sarah Corner, Michael Cragg, Andres Duarte, Avalon Hu, Shelby Martin, Sonova Middleton, Briana Thomas, Matthew Richmond, Eric Snowden, Ned Wright
Content Strategy: Jenna Jayroe
Engineering: Alan Erickson, Quinn Le, Betty Leong, Rick Mandia, I-Ming Pao, John Peterson, Mike Shaw, Yukie Takahashi, David Tristram
Product Management: John Metzger, Meredith Payne Stotzner, Audrey Sousa
Research: Torin Jones, Esme Xu
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