Thanks for your interest in working together! I create hand-drawn, custom digital illustrations. I've collaborated and engaged with some of the top names in pro sports including the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Bryce Harper, Ja Morant, Bubba Wallace, and many more. While my main focus is pro/college athlete portraits (and sneakers!), non-sports related commissions may be considered as well. Read on for some questions that are frequently asked.
Behind the scenes process: outline drawing, color/light mapping, color blocking, shading/blending, textures
How do I request a custom commission, and what's the price tag?
I build cost by hour, and prices vary depending on the request content. To receive a free estimate, fill out the contact form below. Please be sure to include a brief description of your request along with the size, illustration style (oil paintingrealismcartoon, or sketch), amount of people to be included, timeline, intended image usage (will it need licensing/permissions?), high-quality reference photos, and anything else you feel is important! 
Note: Artist-ghosting happens, so I'll ask for full payment before any work can begin on your project. Just like all other kinds of custom work, all sales are final. Check or Venmo is preferred but I'm open to other payment methods as well.
What can I expect while working together?
After you fill out the form below, I'll reach out to you to discuss the project (and your top 3 NBA player ranking). After we agree on details and full payment is made, you'll receive an outline drawing for review. Once I've gotten your stamp of approval I'll get to work and you can expect to receive your custom illustration(s) within the time period discussed – whether printed (with tracking information, without framing), or digitally (RGB/.jpg).
Where can I see more of your work?
To see design, animation, and art direction work, please visit: To see illustration work, check out:, or
Can I purchase one of your existing illustrations?
Possibly! Please fill out the form below and include a link to the illustration you'd consider putting on your wall.
Who owns the illustration(s) rights?
The artist (@dj.draw). Read on for legal stuff, skip if you dislike long sentences.
The Artist (Dana Jefferson, @dj.draw) shall own, solely and exclusively, all rights in and to the artwork and intellectual property, including all work leading up to the final deliverable(s). The Artist is entitled, in perpetuity, to identify as the creator of the artwork and share on their portfolio, including website and social media platforms. Client may not sell, exploit, market, copy, distribute, modify, adapt, alter, or create derivative works of the illustration(s). Client agrees to credit the Artist whenever displaying the artwork. No work may be reproduced by Client without the prior written approval of the Artist.
Can I repost your illustrations on social media?
Yep! As long as the illustrations aren't cropped or edited in any way, and @dj.draw is tagged in the photo and caption, feel free to repost any of them.
Can I sell or feature your illustrations in my shop/website/etc.?
Possibly! Please fill out the form below and be sure to include your budget, illustration size and format, information regarding artist royalties, and how your company: credits artists, allows/restricts artists from working with other vendors, approaches league/team/player copyright, likeness and/or licensing – and anything else you feel is important!
When requesting a custom commission, please be sure to include a brief description of your illustration request along with the size, illustration style (oil paintingrealismcartoon, or sketch) amount of people to be included, timeline, intended image usage, high-quality reference photos and anything else you feel is important! You can expect to hear back within 1-2 business days.
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