Meta (Facebook) Creative Shop believes creative agencies and clients should view Instagram Stories as a creative opportunity – a new medium that warrants new ways of storytelling, grounded by native behaviors. We held collaborative workshops with agencies and IG Creators, bringing platform expertise to the table and building together. We ran a creative marketing test to validate our hypothesis that "Stories-First" creative performs better than "Optimized-For-Stories" creative, allowing us to scale this learning to other brands and measure the business impact of building "made for mobile" work.
Vertically-optimized version of original spot (sound on!)
Single Story (sound on!)
Carousel Story (3-part video with user interaction on advancement - sound on!)
Polling Story (with voting user interaction - sound on!)
“Dana's involvement was instrumental in helping agencies and brands develop well crafted stories-first creatives, pushing our partners to rethink how they should ideate and create for this unique medium. Dana was a great team player. She moved fast with diligence and finesse, making sure milestones were met without compromise. She was inclusive and invested to ensure that every piece of work was well crafted. Her ability to ideate, sketch and animate not only makes her an awesome collaborator on this program but a great asset to the team. She was always well prepared and never one to say no to helping others on the team. Super helpful, super organized, super efficient, a delight to work with."
– Creative Product Lead, Instagram
Client: Meta (Facebook) / Crown Royal 
Role: Design Lead - Concepting, Animation
Team: Jimmy Lee, Pablo Rochat, Ashley Foster
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