The Opportunity: Adult sports leagues often have outdated communication channels (hotlines, emails) and lack team socialization outlets outside of game day as well as a centralized spot for league info. For players in multiple leagues, it can be especially difficult to keep track of the next game, location details, teammate contact info, etc.
The Solution: The DAC app is a one-stop-shop for players to get the most out of the league. Upon signing in, the home screen personalizes and lists what's "on deck" - the next game date/time, location, and opponent. Notifications push real-time alerts and can be customized by category. Players' stats are available after each game, allowing them to see their impact or progress visually. Players can input their photos, contact info, position and jersey number to their Player Profile, eliminating the need to collect each teammates' info manually – and they can even message their team with one click. Information about DAC and upcoming leagues is readily available, as well as in-app shopping to show DAC pride. Players can also view their schedule, league standings, and map out their way to game day.
Log-in  •  Home Screen (showing details of your next game)  •  Player Profile
App Menu  •  Notifications  •  Notification Detail  •  Custom Alerts
Stats (Hitting + Fielding Breakdowns)
Roster  •  Player Profile  •  Messaging (Inbox + Team Chat)
Shopping  •  Item List  •  Selection + Sizes  •  Confirmation + Pay  •  Thank You
About DAC  •  Upcoming Leagues + Details
Schedule  •  Standings  •  Maps  •  Directions
Client: DAC Sports
Role: Art Direction, Branding, Product (UI+UX) Design, Animation
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