Facebook Mobile Studio is your home for learning how to make great mobile ads right from your phone. They provide easy-to-follow video guides, a downloadable planning brief and creative app recommendations to get you started.
Creative outputs included a Mobile Studio Kit (complete with a tips booklet, video inspiration flip-book, and mobile tripod); Top Apps card; activation design for Mobile Studio's booth at Facebook's global Community Boost events; and a website full of app demos, best practices, and mobile ad examples.
Website demo – click here to visit the live site!
Logo and Icon Loop
Mobile Studio Kit
Contents: mobile tripod, tripod mount, marker, tips booklet, video inspiration flip-book
Top Apps Card
Mobile Studio Kit
Mobile Studio Booth @ Facebook Community Boost
Mobile Studio Demo Cart @ Facebook Community Boost
Client: Facebook
Mobile Studio Team: Keara Tanella, Melody Henderson, Steven Garcia
Web Development Team: Elena Coronado, Steve Lo, Julio Gonzalez

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