The Opportunity: Small businesses face many creative barriers when making ads for their businesses – they may lack the equipment, resources, knowledge, or confidence to do so. However, with the new wave of creative mobile apps, all SMBs need is a phone and a few ideas to build more creative ads that achieve better results and ultimately, increased revenue.
The Solution: We built a central creative resource for SMBs – an optimized site to empower and guide them through the strategy of creating mobile-first content and ads using mobile apps. Meta (Facebook) Mobile Studio is the home for learning how to make great mobile ads right from your phone. It provides easy-to-follow video guides, a downloadable planning brief and creative app recommendations to get you started. Creative outputs included a Mobile Studio Kit (complete with a tips booklet, video inspiration flip-book, and mobile tripod); Top Apps card; activation design for Mobile Studio's booth at Meta's global Community Boost events; and a website full of app demos, best practices, and mobile ad examples.
Website (check out the live site here!)
App Tutorial Videos
Mobile Studio Kit
Contents: mobile tripod, tripod mount, marker, tips booklet, video inspiration flip-book
Top Apps Card
Mobile Studio Booth @ Meta Community Boost
Mobile Studio Demo Cart @ Meta Community Boost, Denver
Mobile Studio Kit Stop-Motion (prior to brand refresh)
"Mobile Studio started with multiple design owners and an ambiguous scope, which Dana deftly navigated as we aligned on a scalable solution. The initial kits have since been distributed to multiple Facebook global sales offices to enable teams to have creative conversations with their clients. The Mobile Studio Kit was a complex project containing multiple production vendors and printed materials across various substrates. Dana took this complexity head on as she quickly turned around revisions and design feedback on vendor proofs in a clear and succinct fashion."
– Marketing Lead, Meta (Facebook)
“Dana not only led the design of the MS Kit, but she spent quite a bit of time going above and beyond when we needed to find new vendors. This demonstrated her passion for the project and desire to make it successful no matter what it took, even stepping out of her comfort zone and role. Not only were we able to ship thousands of kits to Sales, but we were even able to influence XFNs to leverage much of the kit in their roadmap. We couldn't have done this without such a well designed kit." 
– Director of Small Business, Meta (Facebook)
"Dana was an instrumental partner on the optimization of the Mobile Studio website as the lead for art direction, design and motion. Her work ethic and ability to deliver stellar work in a quick timeframe proved to be one of the driving forces that allowed us to ship against the aggressive deadline. She was able to quickly pivot and strategize to provide SMB-informed design solutions for the multiple roadblocks we faced. Dana's organizational skills are unmatchable which is essential for the fast pace nature of our business." 
– SMB Creative Strategist, Meta (Facebook)

Client: Meta (Facebook)
Role: Design Lead, Animation
Team: Melody Henderson, Niran Vinod, Sarah Pagliocco, Steven Garcia, Keara Tanella, Elena Coronado, Julio Gonzalez, Steve Lo
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