Campaign for MTV's "Scream: The TV Series." Revolving around themes of trust and duality, the iconic brand has the ability to turn the innocuous to scary and the mundane to murderous – creating a sense of paranoia that makes us "trust nothing." The exposure of mask imagery underneath cast portraiture reveals the possibility that anyone could be a killer. Combined with ominous music, stock footage of banal activities and the show logo harness Scream's power to instill distrust and render everyday moments terrifying.
Times Square Takeover
Bus shelters throughout NYC & LA
Urban Panels throughout NYC
Studio shades on MTV's headquarters in Times Square
Client: MTV
Role: Animation, Show Packaging, Video Sourcing
Team: Rebecca Simnowitz, Ross Jeffcoat, Andrei Chahine, F. Scott Schafer, Justin Freidus, Hannah Vanderpoel, Joe Ortiz, Romy Mann
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